Web Design & Development

A nice website attracts clients

We combine the latest technologies with modern designs to create attractive and efficient websites.


The right approach

The key to our success is attention to detail. When designing a website, we also take into account the visitor’s experience, your business goals and SEO optimization.

Build a presentation website with Orice Media!

A website created by Orice Media is:

  Optimized for mobile devices

  Easy to use

  Compatible with all mobile browsers

  Optimized for load speed

  According to Google’s optimization requirements


Technologies we use

The technologies and tools we use to get the benefits above are:










All websites made by Orice Media include:


At the beginning of the project we will have a series of discussions (in person or on skype) in order to better understand your needs.


We assist you in the process of choosing / registering a web domain. We help you in choosing a web hosting solution.

Create mail accounts

The email address is one of the most important things you need. We help you with creating and configuring it.

Content migration

In the case of a redesign of an existing site, we help you migrate content from the old site to the new site.

Website maintenance

We offer you complete maintenance services. Your website will be permanently updated by our specialists.

Technical SEO

All of our sites are made in accordance with SEO standards for search engines.

Google Analytics and AdSense

You have access to information about the ads and traffic on your website. You can improve user experience and ad performance.

Multiple revisions

We offer reviews of the site’s graphic design until we are satisfied with the results.

For questions or inquiries, we are waiting for your message